💘Hello, Sweetie💘
👑My name is Coffee👑
😍This is my new video😍
🥀Love you🥀
🍁How are you🍁
🦉5 facts about me🦉
1~ My name is Katya
2~ I'm 13 years old
3~ I remove from LPS and MLP
4~ I do not like mutual subscriptions
5~ At the moment I have 118 Candies
🌾I have 49 LPS🌾
💮I have 20 ponies💮
🥞My favorite pet [LPS] is a cat Heilen🥞
💐My favorite pony [MLP] Princess Celestia💐
☕My nickname is Coffee☕
🍉My favorite song "Where no one can see"🍉
🌙Anime [Not look]🌙
🌱Speak Russian🌱
- Yeah [Да]
🍦While, Cande🍦



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