This game is ONLY being developed on my PC, I will NEVER upload any single file of the game!

This game has NOTHING to do with Nintendo, is NOT affiliated with Nintendo in any ways and was NOT developed by Nintendo or any other company related to Nintendo, it was only developed by a passionate Animal Crossing fan!

Animal Crossing is copyrighted to Nintendo!

Description of the game (It is still W.I.P, ALPHA):

- You can build your own map! Set acres like cliffs, slopes, ponds, rivers, etc. WHEREVER you want! Set trees, stones, flowers, signs, buildings wherever you want... Simply costumize the WHOLE town.

- Animal Town uses REAL TIME like minute, hour, month and even year... So if you look outside of your window and it's dark... So it is in Animal Town!

- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... All 4 seasons!

- Find bugs, catch them and view them in your insect scrapbook... Some bugs can only be catched at night, some when it's raining, some when it's snowing... Some only in summer, some only in autumn...

And many more things...

Animal Crossing for PC! (Fan game) скачать видео - СКАЧАТЬ ВИДЕО