AQUA | BISERA Graseska | Shape of You | 1-st place junior MTV dance style solo

4 months ago

Our sassy Bisera won two First places on two competitions, State Championship and IDC Saraevo 2017. We have to say that she is hip hop dancer who ...

AQUA | AQUAshians | junior hip hop formation B class, State Championship 2017

4 months ago

Keep up with AQUAsians, the best junior hip hop formation in their class Choreography by Emilija Dostinova.

AQUA | KIDS FROM THE HOOD | street formation bees, State Championship 2017

4 months ago

Sweet little angels, kids age 5-7. Choreography Stop Bullying by Emilija Dostinova.

AQUA | TWIXERS | kids hip hop formation B-class, State Championship 2017

4 months ago

Twixers is where all our dancers from children division begins, later they become Firecrackers, their energy is recognizable. Choreography by Emilija Dostinova.

AQUA | FIRECRACKERS | 1 - st place hip hop children formation, State championship 2017

4 months ago

Frisky Firecrackers did it again, State Champions for 2017 , so much energy in so small kids. Choreography by Emilija Dostinova.

AQUA | Mila Popovska junior jazz solo 2-nd place, Sarevo 2017

4 months ago

Our beautiful Mila dancing solo jazz for the first time, we are so proud of what she accomplished for a short period of time . Choreography Lady in Red by Sanja ...

AQUA | TROUBLEMAKERS | Me Too - Meghan Trainor Choreography

9 months ago

School life ..... Stop bullying , make friends, be nice and dance :)

AQUA | WILDLINGS - kids contemporary group , Dance Fest Novi Sad 2016

10 months ago

Our sweethearts performing for the first time on competition, we are very happy they won III place overall in contemporary kids groups. Thanks to our classical ...

AQUA | Marko i Stefi - duo jazz kids / Dance Fest Novi Sad 2016

11 months ago

We are new in jazz dancing , but we love it. You can see that from our children performance, they maybe make some mistakes but they are so on point ...

AQUA | SANjA i KAMI - duo open senior / Dance Fest Novi Sad 2016

11 months ago

Our favorite choreographers are dancing their own choreography :) We love them and their performance . Enjoy :)

AQUA | XXDancers - junior jazz group 1st place 2016 | I miss you

11 months ago

Our jazz group junior won 1st place at Dance Fest Novi Sad 2016. Choreography by Sanja Angelova.

AQUA | FIRECRACKERS - kids hip hop formation 1st place / Dance Fest Novi Sad 2016

11 months ago

Our children hip hop formation won 1st place on Dance Fest Novi Sad 2016. All new crew age from 8 to 10. We are very proud of them, they are our little ...

AQUA | TROUBLEMAKERS - hip hop junior formation

1 year ago

Performance of our junior crew at competition in Rome 24. 09. 2016, where they won first place in there category, best junior crew overall and special award for ...

AQUA / Hip Hop solo adult 1st place / State Competition 2016

1 year ago

our dancer Jana Petrovska won 1 st place at State Competition, we wish her more success in the future.

AQUA | The ONES 2016

2 years ago

The performance of The ONES on Macedonia Dance Open 2016. Choreography : Jana J. P. Petrovska.

AQUA | TROUBLEMAKERS - Hip Hop Formation junior 2015

2 years ago

Our junior crew Troublemakers on Skopje dance open competition, they won first place in their category and the grand prix for the Best Crew on all the ...