7 hours ago

Let me know down below what you think of this fake Littlest Pet Shop. I honestly think it's quite cool! Follow me on Instagram @_majestic_melon_.


2 weeks ago

WOW this kitty is so cool! It's something I have never seen before have you? Let me know in the comments! (not the description XD)

Jeremy Isn't Real |Studio C| LPS

1 month ago

This was a remake of studio C's "Jeremy Isn't Real" skit. It's an old one but I found it funny. I am in the process of moving so I don't have a lot of accessories and ...

My LPS Collection! (MajesticPetsTV)

2 months ago

Welp I don't have 1000 LPS like a lot of LPS youtubers have but that's ok because I'm happy with what I have.


3 months ago

Sorry for the absence... Nobody likes those boring update videos about my life so I just won't waste my time on one meep. I can't believe Ebay sent me those ...


5 months ago

Katelyn, a cat who likes both art and cartoons, has a hard time being herself around the popular kids. She is two sided because she acts two different ways ...


6 months ago

Hope you enjoyed this video! This is my third video using this camera so I apologize for the out of focus moments... I will get better don't worry! I am using a ...

All I Want For Christmas ~LPS MV~ Stopmotion

6 months ago

All I Want For Christmas” Kidz Bop. I just wanted to say thank you so much for 20000 subscribers! It means so much to me and I just wanted to wish everyone a ...

FAKE LPS Shorthair Cat #852!

7 months ago

What do you guys think of this fake pet? Could it pass for a real one in a video? What other kinds of content would you like to see? DM me for ideas!

Fake LPS Great Dane's From AliExpress!?

7 months ago

I must say that these are interesting. Want to see more? Let me know down in the comments!

My Thoughts On The New LPS -Majesticpets-

7 months ago

not much to say. Thanks again for over 25k! Love you all!!!

I GOT SCAMMED?! Fake Collie #2452

8 months ago

Thank you so much for watching! Subscribe for weekly videos!

LPS Custom Dachshund ~MajesticPets~

8 months ago

Want more videos???? -Subscribe. Song by The Fat Rat : https://youtu.be/Ic-gZlPFTkQ Tasty Records.

LPS Thrift Store Haul!

8 months ago

Ignore my ugly nails. They keep breaking and I didn't get a chance to paint them again this week. LOL Subscribe for more crazy LPS content! Oh and here is a ...

Fake Dachshund #675!? Fake Pet Palooza

8 months ago

Thanks for watching! Love ya'll! Be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon! Thanks again for 23k subscribers!

"I'm Weak" LPS Music Video (FLASHING LIGHTS) MajesticPets

9 months ago

Song by AJR https://youtu.be/2LCOiwtCAZE I do not own the rights to this song. Made in Video Star.

"We Belong" LPS Music Video (MajesticPets) Gawvi

9 months ago

Music by Gawvi https://youtu.be/rm4yXiccNRI I do not own the rights to this song. Made in video Star.

LPS: Things I Did When I Was Alone

9 months ago

Based on true events... Ranging from when I was 6 to the present.

Best Friend Tag! MajesticPets

9 months ago

Be sure to watch the BFF tag we did on my MLP channel The Majestic Melon! https://youtu.be/Mx9joMm4rXs.

Fake LPS Poodle #551!? Fake Pet Palooza

10 months ago

What kind of videos would you like to see?