The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Budget Review from the Press Gallery

12 hours ago

The Agenda convenes a panel of journalists to examine whether the 2017 budget can help the Ontario Liberals recover from slumping poll numbers.

Opposition Reaction to the Budget

12 hours ago

The Agenda welcomes the opposition finance critics for their reactions to the 2017 Ontario budget.

Charles Sousa: 2017 Ontario Budget

14 hours ago

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa joins The Agenda to explain why he thinks his latest budget is the right plan for the province.

The Authoritarian Appeal

2 days ago

From Turkey to Hungary to the upcoming French election and President Trump, many see a rising tide of authoritarianism worldwide. But what is the ...

Europe's Coming Dark Age

2 days ago

James Kirchick says Europe's geopolitical turmoil today "evokes the perilous 1930s." He is the author of "The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the ...

Ontario: Heart, Soul, or Brand?

3 days ago

Almost 40 per cent of Canadians live in Ontario. The country's largest city and the nation's capital are both located here. Ontario was a critical founding partner of ...

Giving a Voice to Students

3 days ago

It's easy to be passionate when it comes to education. As parents, teachers, trustees and the government debate over what is best for students one voice can ...

The Future of Protein

3 days ago

It's estimated that by 2050 more than 9 billion people will inhabit the planet - 2 billion more than there are now. In order to feed the world the amount of protein it ...

Infinite Food

4 days ago

Spira is tech start-up working to democratize synthetic biology for food using microbes. Elliot Roth, Spira's CEO, hopes that his work can help reduce malnutrition ...

Canadian Dairy Farmers in Trump's Crosshairs

7 days ago

Donald Trump has promised to stand up for Wisconsin's dairy farmers by dealing with Canada's "very unfair," dairy trade practices. Can Canada's supply ...

The Agenda's Week in Review

7 days ago

Celebrating Canada's charter, an update on physician assisted death legislation, why Canadian film matters, the documentary film, "The Apology," and do ...

Wartime Sexual Slavery

1 week ago

Director Tiffany Hsiung's documentary, "The Apology," makes its North American premiere on TVO, Saturday April 22. The film looks at the lives of three "comfort ...

York's Troubled School Board

1 week ago

The Agenda discusses how the York Region District School Board should respond to a new report that raises serious questions about its leadership.

Time to Reform the School Boards?

1 week ago

New reports question whether Ontario students are being well served by Ontario school boards. The Agenda discusses whether it's time for educational reform ...

What's Wrong with Canadian Film?

1 week ago

Canadian films often have a bad reputation. Sometimes it's deserved, but often there are good films that are simply getting passed by. On National Canadian ...

Why Canadian Film Matters

1 week ago

Jay Baruchel is unapologetically Canadian. While he has starred in American movies, he has chosen to create his own work here in Canada. Now he has ...

Assisted Dying: A Philosophical Discussion

1 week ago

James Downar, a palliative care doctor and an adviser at Dying with Dignity, and Father Raymond de Souza of the Archdiocese of Kingston join The Agenda to ...

A European View of Trump

2 weeks ago

The Agenda welcomes Josef Joffe, editor-publisher of the weekly German newspaper, Die Zeit, to provide a European perspective of the fascinating, perplexing ...

Taking the Uber Bus

2 weeks ago

Innisfil is the first town to officially partner with Uber as a method of solving its public transit woes. It's an innovative idea, but can it be a long-term solution?

An Immigrant Experience

2 weeks ago

"My First 150 Days," a documentary that followed one family spanning three generations, as they experienced their first days in Canada, recently aired on TVO.

A Century After Vimy

2 weeks ago

It's been 100 years since Canadian soldiers conquered the "grey mountainous mass of mud" known as Vimy Ridge, which other armies had tried and failed to ...