The Lumiere Brothers: Crash Course Film History #3

17 hours ago

As cinema started to take off, things like "single viewer" devices weren't going to cut it as the medium advanced. In this episode of Crash Course Film History, ...

Advanced CPU Designs: Crash Course Computer Science #9

2 days ago

So now that we've built and programmed our very own CPU, we're going to take a step back and look at how CPU speeds have rapidly increased from just a few ...

Du Bois & Race Conflict: Crash Course Sociology #7

4 days ago

We're continuing our exploration of conflict theories with W.E.B. Dubois, who is one of the founders of sociological thought more broadly and the founder of ...

The Greeks and Romans - Pantheons Part 3: Crash Course World Mythology #9

6 days ago

This week, we continue our look at various Pantheons, and Mike digs deep into the gods of the ancient Greeks. We're talking Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, ...

The First Movie Camera: Crash Course Film History #2

1 week ago

After serial photography became a thing, it wasn't long before motion pictures started to develop. And, at the front of that development was Thomas Edison, who ...

Crash Course Computer Science Outtakes

1 week ago

In which Carrie Anne presents a new sing-a-long format and faces her greatest challenge yet - signing off an episode. Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on ...

Karl Marx & Conflict Theory: Crash Course Sociology #6

2 weeks ago

Today we'll continue to explore sociology's founding theorists with a look at Karl Marx and his idea of historical materialism. We'll discuss modes of production, ...

Indian Pantheons: Crash Course Mythology #8

2 weeks ago

In which Mike Rugnetta continues our unit on pantheons with the complex Indian pantheon, focusing on stories that were written in Sanskrit. We start with a ...

Movies are Magic: Crash Course Film History #1

2 weeks ago

Well, they're not really "magic." Maybe "illusion" is a better way to say it. As we begin this journey of the history of cinema, we need to understand how movies ...

Instructions & Programs: Crash Course Computer Science #8

2 weeks ago

Take the 2017 PBS Digital Studios Survey: http://surveymonkey.com/r/pbsds2017. Today we're going to take our first baby steps from hardware into software!


2 weeks ago

You've probably heard of proposals to drastically cut or even eliminate federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides critical ...

Émile Durkheim on Suicide & Society: Crash Course Sociology #5

3 weeks ago

Now that we've talked a little bit about how sociology works, it's time to start exploring some of the ideas of the discipline's founders. First up: Émile Durkheim.

Pantheons of the Ancient Mediterranean: Crash Course Mythology #7

3 weeks ago

In which Mike Rugnetta begins our unit on pantheons, which are families of gods. We further define pantheons and talk about why they're important. Then, we ...

Crash Course Film History Preview

3 weeks ago

Beginning April 13th, join Craig Benzine (the internet's WheezyWaiter) for 16 weeks of Film History right here on Crash Course. He'll look at the history of one of ...

The Central Processing Unit (CPU): Crash Course Computer Science #7

3 weeks ago

Take the 2017 PBS Digital Studios Survey: http://surveymonkey.com/r/pbsds2017. Today we're going to build the ticking heart of every computer - the Central ...

Sociology Research Methods: Crash Course Sociology #4

4 weeks ago

Today we're talking about how we actually DO sociology. Nicole explains the research method: form a question and a hypothesis, collect data, and analyze that ...

Humans and Nature and Creation: Crash Course Mythology #6

4 weeks ago

In which Mike Rugnetta brings you the final installation of our unit on creation myths. This week, we're talking about human beings and their relationship to the ...

Registers and RAM: Crash Course Computer Science #6

4 weeks ago

Take the 2017 PBS Digital Studios Survey: http://surveymonkey.com/r/pbsds2017. Today we're going to create memory! Using the basic logic gates we ...

Sociology & the Scientific Method: Crash Course Sociology #3

1 month ago

What puts the “science” in social science? Today we'll explore positivist sociology and how sociologists use empirical evidence to explore questions about the ...

Social Orders and Creation Stories: Crash Course Mythology #5

1 month ago

In which Mike Rugnetta sits you down for a little talk about myth as a way to construct or reinforce social orders. Specifically, we're going to look today at stories ...

Astrophysics and Cosmology: Crash Course Physics #46

1 month ago

It's time for the end. At least the end of our first series on Physics here at Crash Course. In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini sits down to talk about ...