Ask Me Questions!

3 days ago

Got any questions? Wondering about the future of my series? Dying to know more about the cast and crew members? Here's the video where you can ask any of ...

❀ LPS: Behind the Scenes (Doctor Days)

1 week ago

Prom weekend is underway, and Ashley is prepared for anything! Knowing the craziest stories associated with the night of all nights in years prior, there's bound ...

LPSTube Day 2018 Award Ceremony

1 month ago

Welcome to the 5th Annual LPSTube Day Award Ceremony on my channel! LPSTube Day is a holiday celebrated every May 10th in the LPS community in ...

❋ LPS: #DareUs (Episode #14: Crazy Daisy & Hogwarts Sorts)

3 months ago

Spring is just around the corner, and today the cast of #DareUs is springing into action with some more dares! There's gonna be Hogwarts sorting houses, ...


4 months ago

THE VOTING POLL IS NOW CLOSED.*** The time has come: LPSTube Day 2018 is almost here, and I need your help! This video will be your guide on how you ...

❀ LPS: Behind the Scenes (Babysitting Chaos)

4 months ago

What started off as a relaxing day of self-care for Justin turns into juvenile chaos when his nephew Jake pulls a few strings. If babysitting just one rambunctious, ...

♛ LPS: Royal Secrets (Episode #19: Faults & Flames)

6 months ago

Well, that escalated quickly.... Just when it looked like the flames were about to spread further, an unexpected splash of water arrived to try and cool things down.


6 months ago

THE GOOGLE FORM IS NOW CLOSED**** Hey cupcakes! LPSTube Day 2018 is five months away, and I need YOU to help me select nominees for the ...

LPS: The Boyfriend Tag! (ft. Justin)

6 months ago

Hey, cupcakes! This may be news to some of you, but I can now confirm that Daisy and Justin are officially a couple! Let your ships sail! On that note, I thought it ...

❋ LPS: #DareUs (Episode #13: Duck Tales & Meme Fails)

7 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving, cupcakes! The cast of #DareUs is back at it again this holiday season doing some dares, which include doing memes, bottle flipping, toilet ...

LPS: 10 Things That Freak Me Out!

8 months ago

Hey, cupcakes! With Halloween just around the corner and inspired by Jaiden Animations, I decided to bring back another "10 Things" video all about some of ...

LPS: Reacting To My Old Videos!!

8 months ago

Today I decided to take a trip down memory lane and react to a handful of my old videos! They may be cringe-worthy and very embarrassing for me to watch now ...

LPS: The One-Take Challenge!

9 months ago

Today I decided to jump on a bandwagon and attempt the One-Take Challenge! This was so much fun to make, and I ended up with interesting yet amusing ...

University Q&A Livestream!!!

9 months ago

I'm back home for the weekend and ready to answer some questions about university and what it's been like for me so far! ;D xxx.


9 months ago

In short, this video: -Reveals two facts about me that you've been asking for a long time -Talks about my video schedule and plan w/uploading -Discusses the ...

❀ LPS: Behind The Scenes (Sleepover) ft. LPS Emily

9 months ago

Daisy invites some good friends over (including a special guest) for a sleepover involving a marathon of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls episodes, fun, and ...

♛ LPS: Royal Secrets (Episode #18: Red-Pawed)

9 months ago

Looks like the tables have turned to poor Florence, as the nightmares that once haunted Fern are now targeting the former. Florence is already carrying too ...

❋ LPS: #DareUs (Episode #12: Space Flights & Mario Fights)

10 months ago

After six long months since the last episode AND over a year of a lack of dares, Layla, Justin, and Phineas FINALLY return to their daredevil roots in this ...

❀ LPS: Behind the Scenes (Night Owl)

10 months ago

It's been a while since Dina Grand, secretary of puppylover863 studios, and her little sister Debby, a high school student, lived under the same roof. Now, Dina ...

LPS: Where Am I? (Skit)

11 months ago

Justin wakes up to find himself stranded in the middle of nowhere, far away from his home in the studio. Where is his owner? Why are he and his friends ...

LPS: Q&A (Berries & Summer Fun!) ft. Justin |#Askpuppylover863

12 months ago

Hey, cupcakes! Following the video from last year, today I decided to answer some of your questions from Instagram, alongside Justin as my guest! (Stay tuned ...