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Mike Tyson Hits Soulja Boy w/ Diss Track

17 hours ago

Mike Tyson is down to train C. Breezy for his match against Soulja Boy. So much so, that he made a music video about it. It features a bunch of hot girls rapping ...

Jessica Lesaca Explains When Cheating is Acceptable

21 hours ago

Social media star Jessica Lesaca talks about work ethic, regrets, and the threshold for cheating. #TheTouchUp #AllDef #ADD @MegScoop @jessicalesaca ...

Martin Luther King Jr: Things You Didn't Know

2 days ago

Martin Luther King Jr. made a mark in U.S. history through his unforgettable speeches and activism during the mid-1950's. He will always be remembered for ...

Zac Jone$ - Everytime You Go

2 days ago

ZAC JONE$ is a 20 year old Jamaican rapper born and raised in Kingston who is based in LA. He is currently spearheading the Yaard Rap movement which is a ...

What's Next on 'For the First Time' Snapchat Story

3 days ago

For the show "For The First Time", watch as white people hilariously get grillz & lesbians wear dresses. For "Is It True", watch as we prove if millennial are dumb, ...

I'm Addicted to Cripping - Homecoming

3 days ago

Finally Hi-C has left rehab and entered back into regular society. Check out how he is doing and if he has truly been able to change. #ADDSKETCH ...

White People Get Grillz

4 days ago

Gold Teeth LA stops by to hook two white people up with a custom grill "For the First Time." Wait till you see the finished product -- you won't believe your eyes!

If #SaltBae was a Stoner

5 days ago

Patrick Cloud puts a spin on the #saltbae phenom. #ADDSKETCH @PatrickCloud Subscribe today!

Black College Band to March at Trump’s Inauguration

5 days ago

An HBCU's marching band will perform at Trump's inauguration, and not everyone is thrilled. Talladega College President Billy Hawkins appeared on "The ...

True Life | ‘I Don't Have a Neck’

5 days ago

Meet Thaddeus Josiah Williams, he's a hard-working employee who doesn't have a neck. #ADDSKETCH #Alldefcomedy #ADD @TahirMoore Subscribe today!

23 Savage Uses Debut to Diss 22 Savage

6 days ago

A new rapper has joined the Hip-Hop syndicate who calls himself, 23 Savage. Not only did 23 Savage overuse the name, but his debut song is a diss track ...

Arts & Raps Funniest Moments (Season 1)

6 days ago

The Arts & Raps Season 1 all-stars are back in this compilation of the funniest moments! Get ready for an all new season starting Thursday, January 26th.

Moniece Slaughter Responds to Tank’s 'Hit it & Quit it' Comment

6 days ago

Moniece Slaughter gets things straight about Tank's comments and confirms she had more than one sexual encounter. #AskA #AllDefDigital #AllDef ...

Hip-Hop Says Goodbye to Barack Obama

7 days ago

President Barack Obama delivered his farewell speech last night, which was nothing short of nostalgic.The Hip-Hop community consisting of: Drake, Quavo, T.I., ...

Roast Me - Top Moments

7 days ago

Here's a trip through memory lane of the top moments in season 1 of Roast Me. Give us a comment or two if you're down for another season! #RoastMe ...

Kodak Black Calls Out Lil Wayne to a Fight

1 week ago

Following the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fighting trend -- Kodak Black calls out Lil Wayne to a fight. Rather than squashing the beef by a boxing match, Black ...

Mimi G on Women Being Submissive to Men

1 week ago

Join host MegScoop as she talks to the talented fashion designer, entrepreneur and social media influencer Mimi G! Mimi discusses friend-zoning men and ...

Winners and Highlights of the Golden Globes

1 week ago

The Golden Globes was chock-full of memorable moments-- from the passionate speeches from both Viola Davis and Meryl Streep, to the NBC reporter who ...

Jon Hope - The Left Hand

1 week ago

From sharing stages with Wiz Khalifa to performing at SXSW and working with J. Cole, Jon Hope has managed to galvanize his growing fanbase and ...

This week on Snapchat

1 week ago

Watch as the entire SquADD shares a piece about themselves and see what goes down at the office through Snapchat. #SquADDChat #AllDef #ADD (January ...

I'm Addicted to Cripping - New Year, New Crip

1 week ago

Hi-C has been in rehab for a while now and has taken on new interests for the new year. Watch to see how well his recovery is going! #ADDSKETCH ...